It’s always worth paying off your debt

Take the first steps today and take control of your finances. Many of our customers we’ve spoken to have felt reassured after contacting us.

Silhouette of woman with fist raised in front of pink sunset - Feeling in control is one of many benefits of clearing your debt

“[Lowell are] excellent and understanding. [They] make me feel reassured
that I’m being helped and supported whilst paying off my debts.”

Deborah, Croyden

Why is it worth clearing your debt?

Peace of mind about no longer needing to make repayments

“The stress is gone. […] It might take a bit to pay off, but now it’s gonna be paid it’s gonna be sorted out, as far as I’m concerned.” - Paul, Leeds

The freedom to spend your money on what you want

“My situation has completely changed now […]. There was a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do […] but now it’s completely different, I can enjoy my own money now. I work hard for it and it doesn’t have to go anywhere else and pay debts off, which is a nice feeling.” - Rochelle, Manchester

A refreshed credit file status to show that your debt has been paid

“I wanted to start getting my credit back in line so, with the help of Lowell, I found it very, very easy to actually get to that position.” - David, Stockport

Being debt free and feeling in control of your finances

“I’ve had a lot of financial struggles over the past few years and Lowell have helped me fix that in a year!” - Annie, Gainsborough

How Lowell can help

"I had financial problems but I buried my head in the sand. I was scared and only looked for help when I had no choice. Lowell listened and helped me to sort out and eventually clear my debt. They made my life easier with lower repayments and never pushed me to pay what I couldn’t afford. 10/10 to them and a very big thank you"

Deborah, Essex

Start paying off your debt

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