Have you received a letter from us regarding Capital One?

Why are you contacting me?

We've recently purchased your outstanding balance from Capital One. Rest assured, we can help you find an affordable way to work towards being debt free with Lowell. For more information, you can view your account online or contact us.

I don't have a Capital One Card

Capital One have issued Visa and Mastercard credit cards for various brands including Littlewoods, Luma, Ocean, Thinkmoney and Very.

How can you help me?

Everyone’s situation is unique. Talk to us, we’ll listen and together we can find the best way forward for you. This may be setting up an affordable payment based upon your circumstance, however, if you are not in a position to pay don’t worry we can also find the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Capital One
Who are Capital One?

Capital One has been established since 1996 and offer Visa and Mastercard credit cards. 



Do Capital One sell products in the names of any other brands?

Capital One have issued Visa and Mastercard credit cards for brands including Littlewoods, Luma, Ocean, Thinkmoney and Very.

What happens next?

Lowell will work with you to get an understanding of your situation and will agree an affordable payment plan that’s right for you. Please call us on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk.

Alternatively, register or log in to manage your account online, use our budget calculator and set up a repayment plan.



I’ve never had an account with Capital One

If you don’t recognise the details of this account or you believe the account was opened fraudulently, please call Lowell on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk so that we can help to resolve the issue.

I don’t think the balance is correct

If you think your balance is incorrect, please call us on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk. We will investigate this and provide you with a balance breakdown.

I’ve never had any statements or bills from Capital One

Capital One will have sent you monthly credit card statements either online or by post, depending on which option you chose. You would also have been able to access your account using the self-serve function on the website, which allowed you to view your balance, update personal information, view statements and make online payments to your account.

How would I have taken out my Capital One card?

You would have applied over the phone, online, or by post. For online applications you would then have ticked a box to provide a digital signature agreeing to the terms and conditions. For phone and post applications an agreement would have been sent out to you, which you would have to sign and return before the card was sent out to you.


Can you provide me with more information about my Capital One debt?

Capital One provided us with information about your debt when they sold your account to us. This includes the credit card number, the last payment amount and date and information you provided when applying for the account. If you want to know more, call us on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk.

Do Capital One add interest or charges and is this a part of my debt with you?

Interest and charges may have been added to your account balance in line with terms and conditions of your agreement with Capital One. However, your balance will not increase with Lowell, as we do not add any interest or charges.

Why has my debt been passed to you?

Capital One will have attempted to contact you regarding your outstanding balance. They might also have passed your account to a debt collection company to collect the debt on their behalf before the account was sold to Lowell.

Why is there a Lowell default on my credit file?

If the balance on your Capital One account remains unpaid for around six months they may have applied a default to your credit. As the debt has now been passed to us, Capital One remove their default and Lowell takes over the responsibility for reporting the default to the credit reference agencies. This allows us to update your credit file with details of the payments you make.