Have you received a letter from us regarding Shop Direct?

Why are you contacting me?

We've recently purchased your outstanding balance from Shop Direct. Rest assured, now you’re our customer we will work with you to find an affordable way to clear this debt. For more information, you can view your account online or contact us.

How can you help me?

Everyone’s situation is unique. Talk to us, we’ll listen and together we’ll find the best way forward for you. This may be setting up affordable repayments based upon your circumstances, however if you’re not in a position to pay don’t worry, we can help find the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Shop Direct
What happens next?

We’ll work with you to understand your situation and help you decide on an affordable repayment plan that’s right for you. You can register to view your account online, set up a repayment plan or make a one-off payment.

I’ve never had an account with Shop Direct

Shop Direct cover a number of different brands. You might recognise Littlewoods (including Kays, Great Universal and Empire) or Very (including Additions, ISME and Marshall Ward). If you need more information please call Lowell on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk.

I’ve paid this account off

Please give us a call on 0333 556 5550 or email support@lowell.co.uk and one of our friendly team can look into this for you.

I don’t think the balance is correct

If you’ve recently made a payment to Shop Direct that you don’t think is showing on your account, this may still be waiting to clear.

If you think your balance is incorrect, we can investigate this for you. Please call us on 0333 556 5550 or email us at support@lowell.co.uk.

I transferred my account to someone else

Shop Direct don’t offer a transfer of ownership. You would remain responsible for any amounts that are due in your name.