International Day of Happiness:
See what our customers have to say

Talking about debt can be difficult and thinking about settling your debts can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. But at Lowell, we believe that it should be simple and affordable for you to become debt-free.

We want to remove the stigma around debt by looking at the positive effect that clearing debt can have on your life. That’s why to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on 20th March, we wanted to speak to customers who have cleared their debt and taken control of their finances with help from Lowell.

We know it can be hard to speak about debt, and that you might even be worried about speaking to Lowell. We want to help put some of those concerns to rest, but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

We spoke to customers just like you to find out how they feel about their journey with Lowell, and how working with Lowell at different stages helped them to feel more positive and optimistic.

You can handle payments in a way that works for you

We know that some of our customers might feel nervous about speaking on the phone, and plenty of Lowell customers find it easier to handle their payments online in our easy online portal. One customer told us that “I didn't speak with an agent but using the online portal to set up payments was great. It removed some anxiety, not having to speak to anyone and made it easy for me to track and update payments.” Other customers have found our online budget calculator a big help, and one customer told us that it was “very easy to use, almost does the work for you!”

Having an online payment portal also made it easier for some customers to clear their debt when they have a busy home life. One customer told us that it was “very easy to make a payment – I managed to do it whilst helping with my kids' home learning.” The customer also told us that it was a “very satisfying moment knowing something has been paid off.”

Speaking to our agents can help debt feel less daunting

While we know lots of our customers prefer using our easy online payment portal, sometimes having a friendly supportive voice on the other end of a phone can be a big help.

That’s why our friendly and helpful customer service team is fully trained to be considerate of your situation. Based in Leeds, they speak to customers all the time, and they’ll always take the time to listen and understand. One of our customers, said “The gentleman I spoke with was extremely helpful in setting up my payment plan. He explained everything clearly and made the whole experience less daunting.”

Our agents have lots of useful experience in dealing with customers and can offer helpful information. One customer told us our customer service team was “very reassuring and supportive of my circumstances, and provided some numbers for free debt advice.” The customer also mentioned that speaking to someone helped him to feel “very comfortable about my situation, which has helped with my stress and anxiety.”

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

If you’re just starting out on your journey to become debt free, it can feel like you have a long way to go. It might be reassuring to hear from some Lowell customers who have successfully cleared their debt. One customer told us that working with Lowell’s team was “so helpful and stress-free,” and that, once she’d cleared her debt, she felt like “a weight had been lifted.”

It’s important to remember that Lowell is here to help make clearing your debt simple and affordable for you. One customer told us that “Lowell listened to my difficulties and were happy to come to a very affordable payment plan for me.” He was pleased with the support that he received from our team. Our team let the customer know that they were there to help, and that if they felt pressured or worried to ring them back at any point. Another customer told us that they felt like “Lowell actually care, and they actually want to help you in resolving your debt.”

At Lowell, we’re pleased and proud that we’ve been able to help lots of our customers to clear their debt. On this International Day of Happiness, we hope seeing some of the positive feedback from other customers like you can make you feel a little bit more optimistic and confident as you start your journey to become debt-free.

If you want to find out more about how Lowell work with our customers, check out our next steps page, or take a look at the Lowell blog for more research and insight from Lowell.