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Find all the answers you need in our FAQs, whether it’s information about who Lowell are, details about your credit file or questions about the legal process

About Lowell

Who we are, what we do and how we work with you

Data privacy

How we protect your data


Information on making a complaint

Legal process

Information about our legal process

My credit file

What a credit file is, how you can get a copy and how debt affects your credit file

Getting started with my account

How to manage your online account

Contacting Lowell

How you can get in touch with us and the ways we can help

Making payments

What your payment options are and what happens if some are missed

Credit agreements and documents

Find out more about your credit agreement, and what information we can provide

Lowell App

Our app that makes it simple to manage your Lowell accounts


Snoop's free money management app that's designed to help you discover smarter ways to save money


Solutions to common problems

Who called me?

Here is a list of numbers that Lowell agents and teams use, and a guide to why Lowell might be getting in touch.

Lowell reviews

Find out what our customers have to say about their journey to becoming debt free with Lowell.

Assignment of Debt

Information about Assignment of Debt

Closed accounts

Information about closed accounts

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We've made taking control of your finances simpler than ever. With an app that puts the power to understand and manage debts in your hands.

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