Debt guidance

Discover our range of guides for help and support about all things debt related

How does your credit file affect you?

Learn what’s on your credit file, how to check your credit score, and how a default impacts your credit rating.

The debt collection process: What to expect

Find out how the debt collection process works, including when your debt is sold, how debt collectors contact you and who Lowell.

How do defaults work?

Discover what impact a default has on your credit file, how long a default lasts, and how working with Lowell can help with a default on your file.

Who should I speak to for debt support?

Discover more about different independent organisations who can help you with debt support, and how Lowell can help you to work with these services.

How to deal with bailiffs

Find out how to deal with bailiffs, what bailiffs can and can’t take, how Lowell work with bailiffs, and how we can help you to clear your debt.

How does a discount work with debt?

Discover more about debt discounts, how a Lowell debt discount can affect your debt, and how working with Lowell can help you to manage your debt.

What is a Debt Management Plan?

Read our guide to debt management plans to learn about DMPs, how they affect your credit, and how Lowell can work with you if you have a debt management plan.

What is a CCJ and how does it impact me?

A CCJ, or County Court Judgment, can affect your credit report. Find out more about CCJs, how to manage them, and how Lowell can help with a CCJ in your name.

How to recognise if a debt's yours

Discover our guide on how to recognise if a debt is yours, and your next steps with Lowell. If you're worried that a debt isn't yours, find out how we can help.

The different types of debt solution

Discover different kinds of debt solutions that you can access if you're having problems with debt, and how Lowell can help you find free independent advice.

What happens if I ignore a debt company?

A general guide to help you understand the legal actions that Lowell can take, and the potential consequences if you repeatedly ignore Lowell when we get in touch.

How does debt purchasing work?

Discover our guide on how debt purchasing works, how Lowell will protect your data, and how Lowell will work with you once we're managing your account.

Manage your debt online

Having an online account makes it quick and easy to manage your payment plan. Learn more about how you can manage your Lowell account online today.