How our new Customer Panel helps Lowell Customers

At Lowell, our customers are our first priority. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we work with our customers, so we’re excited to introduce our new Customer Panel.

The Customer Panel will help us to get even more feedback from customers just like you, so we can help make our service even better.

We reached out to more than 32,000 customers who had submitted feedback surveys in the past, and we’re building a panel of around 3,000 real Lowell customers. The panel will help with research, provide new insights, and help us to make our service even better in future.

A positive change

Lowell regularly asks customers for feedback on their experience because we want to make sure that our customers feel that Lowell is helping them in a positive and supportive way.

At Lowell, we’re leading the way by having such a large customer panel giving us feedback.

We’re proud that our approach to getting helpful and useful feedback is led by you, our customers. After all, our customers are the ones using our services. So without listening to and engaging with you, it would be nearly impossible to fully understand how to improve our services, and how we could better support you.

Our Customer Panel helps us to quickly and efficiently find out how we can improve our business. There’s no better way to improve the experience we offer than by getting our customers involved in how we adapt and change.

How do customers benefit from the Customer Panel?

Through our Customer Panel, Lowell has direct access to customers who have used our services, whether they’ve cleared their debt or are on their journey to becoming debt-free.

It gives them space to discuss their concerns, comments, and questions. We’ll use the suggestions that they give us to develop new ideas and to discover new ways in which we can help customers.

This relationship will help to improve both our business and our offering to customers, as well as making sure that the people using our services have a voice.

The Lowell Customer Panel isn’t outsourced, or run through an agency or third-party organisation.

We’re pleased and proud to have created our own customer-led approach; that’s focused on identifying where we can improve and making change happen quickly.

We want to work for our customers and make sure that we’re offering you the best service that we possibly can, and we’re certainly making strides. We believe that our Customer Panel is the next step in delivering great service to customers like you.

An opportunity for you to have your say

Created for customers, the Panel allows customers to have a direct say in designing Lowell products and services.

We know our customers, and we know you handle debt and financial issues in real life every day. Having you get involved in how our business develops gives you control of how Lowell evolves and means that customers can express their concerns and comments directly to us.

At Lowell, we’re passionate about getting customer feedback and using it to improve our business for our customers. The Customer Panel will be used to conduct long surveys, quick one-question polls, and open discussions, giving customers who are involved plenty of chances to feedback and express their opinions. We hope that the Customer Panel will become a community platform, allowing customers to share their ideas, opinions, and comments, and get engaged with improving Lowell’s services.

Helping our customers to take control of their finances is one of our driving forces. That’s why we’re proud to also have our customers directly involved in steering the way Lowell works. We put our customers first and with new solutions like our Customer Panel, we hope that we can keep improving our services and continue helping our customers on their journey to become debt-free.

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Published by Libby Davies on 7th June, 2021