Lowell benefits calculator

Who are entitledto?

Entitledto are one of the leading providers of online benefits calculators in the UK today, helping people determine what they can claim from national and local government.

How does the benefits calculator work?

The calculator collects all relevant information from the user about their household and income and checks this against current benefits legislation to provide a reliable estimate of entitlements.

What benefits does the calculator check for?

The calculator covers all income-related benefits and tax credits (where your income affects how much you might receive), contribution-based benefits (where your national insurance contributions affect what you might receive), Council Tax Reduction (local scheme rules are covered), Carer’s Allowance and Universal Credit. The calculator also provides tailored signposting to other entitlements, such as help with health care costs, free school meals and financial assistance available from your local authority.

How accurate is it?

The calculator is kept up to date with all current benefit legislation. However, the accuracy of the result is also determined by the accuracy of the information entered, so if any estimates are used, for example for income or rent, then the results will not be as accurate as they could be. It is always best to enter precise information where available.

How long will it take to complete and what information will I need?

10 to 15 mins. You’ll need accurate information about your (and your partner’s if you have one):

  • Earnings
  • Other income such as existing benefits and pensions
  • Savings
  • Outgoings such as rent, mortgage, childcare payments
  • Council Tax bill
  • If you have a non-dependant living with you (an adult who is not contracted to pay rent, for example a grown up child or elderly relative) you will also need details of their income

What do Lowell do with the information I enter?

To help us understand the value of offering a benefits calculator, Lowell receive a report from entitledto which provides information such as how many individuals have started and completed the calculator and how many might be eligible for additional financial support.

The report also provides details of the information entered into the calculator such as income (e.g. salary and existing benefits) and household (e.g. age, number of dependents, whether you rent or own a home).

The report is completely anonymous. It does not contain any personal information that allows us to identity you or your account with Lowell.

The calculator results say I might be eligible to claim something. What do I do next?

To make or discuss a claim, you need to contact the relevant organisation directly. The calculator report explains how, and contains links to relevant organisations. Alternatively for more information see the entitledto help page.

The calculator results say i'm not eligible for any more financial support. What should I do / I'm struggling financially who can help?

You can talk to us about your Lowell accounts and associated debt - simply call us. If you wish to speak to someone independently here are some more places you can find more help.