The UK's biggest money fears

Managing your finances can sometimes feel overwhelming. As new research from Lowell has revealed that 33% of Brits are worried about their financial futures, we have highlighted the UK’s biggest financial fears and how to combat them.

At Lowell, we want to take the fear out of debt, and that’s why we’re here - to help our customers to handle their finances.

As part of our mission to help our customers and remove the stigma around debt, we surveyed 1000 Brits across the UK to learn what their biggest financial fears are.

Facing financial fears

It might not be too surprising to learn that the biggest financial fear shared by the most Brits surveyed (19%) is losing the ability to pay monthly outgoings.

If you’re in a position where you’re worried about paying your monthly bills, then tools like our budget calculator might make it easier to work out your regular outgoings and help you budget for the future.

If you work with Lowell and you’re worried that you won’t be able to cover your monthly payment plan, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We’ll work with you to agree your next steps and ways that we can help while you get back on your feet.

Fraud concerns

One of the UK’s big financial fears is fraud - 18% of the UK are worried about being a victim of debit or credit card fraud.

If you’re feeling worried about falling victim to fraud, check out our fraud awareness guide on how to spot and combat common scammer’s tricks over the phone and online.

Saving scares

Another big fear that sends shivers down people’s spines is the prospect of not having any money in their savings account – a fear that 17% of Brits share. Saving and planning for the future can feel nerve-wracking at the best of times, so perhaps it’s not too surprising that 17% of Brits also worry about not having a big enough pension pot to retire with.

If you’re struggling to save after you’ve paid your essential bills and outgoings, a smart app like Snoop might help you to make everyday savings, so you can start building a savings fund for emergencies and rainy days.

Or, if you're looking for actions you can take now, we've got a whole guide to saving money on household bills which details some ways you might be able to cut the costs of your bills.

We can help if you're feeling overwhelmed

One of the biggest financial fears, for 15% of the people we surveyed, was feeling overwhelmed with debt. We’re committed to making debt less worrisome for our customers – check out the independent support that’s available if you’re having a hard time with debt.

Being in debt can feel scary sometimes, but with help and support from Lowell, we hope we can make it feel a little less like a horror movie for our customers. For more information, check out the Lowell blog or head to our debt guidance hub with lots of helpful guides to find out more.



Published by Libby Davies on 08th November 2021


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