Budget calculator: Will Lowell make me pay more?

Have you ever worried that a company might use the info you share against you? We won't do that, so let us explain how your details are safe with us.

We all know that working out your budget can be stressful. All the paperwork; all the calculations; all the little expenses we forget about. On the other hand, it’s difficult to plan ahead unless you know what you’ve got spare each month. The free Lowell budget calculator takes out all that stress, so why not take advantage of it?

We know that speaking about money might not seem very appealing. Some of our customers have told us that they didn’t want to discuss their income and spending with us as they thought we’d make them use all their spare money to repay their debt.

Well, we’d like to set the record straight - that’s not going to happen.

The power is in your hands - we’re just here to support you.

Our budget calculator is here to help you with your budget, so that you can decide what’s affordable to pay towards your debt.

We’ll only use the information in the calculator to help guide you in what you decide to pay. The power is in your hands - we’re just here to support you.

If you don’t want to speak to someone about your finances over the phone, that’s not a problem – you can use the simple online budget calculator. This will save your details in your Lowell account so that you can check or update them as often as you like, without needing to call:


Step One

Register your Lowell account using your Lowell reference, date of birth and postcode. You’ll be taken straight to the My Accounts page, where you’ll see the budget calculator link at the top.

Log in

Step Two

The calculator will guide you on what you should add – having things like bank statements and bills handy will help you check that the figures are accurate. When you’re finished, you’ll be shown a summary, which will include how much money you’ve got left at the end of the month.


Step Three

You can use this information however you need to. If you need to set a payment plan up towards your debt, this leftover amount can help guide you on what might be the right amount for you.

If you’re worried about privacy, don’t be – the budget calculator details you share are kept safe, secure and confidential. If you want to read more on how we use your personal data, you can take a look at our customer privacy notice. You can even decide whether the details are saved to your Lowell account or not. If you’d prefer they’re not, you can use this version of the budget calculator instead.

How you use the tool is entirely up to you, but we really do recommend that you give it a go. The budget calculator is there to help you gain control of your money and can aid you with a range of things, from budgeting to save for something special to just managing your weekly or monthly spending.

By Emma Sams on 4 August 2020

Give the budget calculator a go

You can log in to use our free online budget calculator or read more about how the budget calculator can benefit you.

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