How can I manage my Lowell account online?

Feel uncertain about giving us a call? Fortunately, managing your Lowell account online is easier than ever. Take a look at some examples of what your online account will look like.

With all the advancements in technology, many people find it much easier to do things online, from their banking to their shopping. It’s often a lot faster and simpler than sending emails or calling. Not only that, but some people find calling and speaking to companies quite overwhelming or stressful.

At Lowell, we want to make sure that managing your account is as easy as possible, and that you know you’re the one who’s in control of your debt with us. For that, our website is here to help.

Whether you want to set a payment plan, find out how much you can afford by using our online tools or just check in to see what your account balance is, you can do it online quickly, easily and whenever you like – unlike our call centre, our website is available 24/7.

To make sure you know how to get the best from all the features available, we’ve created this guide to show you what managing your account online will look like.


Creating an account

Registering your Lowell account online is simple and easy. All you need to do is add your Lowell reference, date of birth and postcode into the relevant boxes so that we can identify who you are. Once you’ve done this simply choose your future login details, verify your email address from the confirmation email we send and you’re done.

View your account details

Your online account will show the details of all your Lowell debts on the ‘My Accounts’ page, including the account balance, which company the debt came from and your Lowell reference. Your ‘My Profile’ section will show the contact details that we hold for you and allow you to either update them or confirm which one you’d prefer us to use when we get in touch.

Work out your budget

A payment plan is there to help you clear your debt and make things better, not worse. That’s why we want you to be sure what you pay is affordable. Our budget calculator will help you work this out. After adding your income and expenses, you’ll be given a brief summary which shows what you have left over at the end of the month. This can help you decide what you can comfortably pay towards your Lowell debt.

Set a plan

To start reducing your Lowell debt without needing to call, you can set a payment plan online by Direct Debit. You choose how often and how much you want to pay, as well as which date you want to start from. If you completed our budget calculator, we’ll automatically provide an option to pay 80% of what you have left over each month. Alternatively, you can choose any amount that you’d like to pay – you’re the one in control.

Make a quick payment

If you ever have some additional money and want to repay your debt sooner, you can make a quick one-off payment to your account whenever you like. You can decide whether to pay the full balance or part of it.  To pay part of your balance, simply enter the amount you want to pay and your debit card details and you’ll have reduced part of your debt, on your way to becoming debt-free with Lowell.


By Emma Sams on 14 October 2020

Try out these features

Register today to take a look through your online account and try some of these easy-to-use features for yourself.

Try out these features

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