Who called me from Lowell?

Have a missed call from Lowell, or from a number you don’t recognise? We’re here to help.

On this page, you’ll find a list of numbers that Lowell agents and teams use. We can confirm that these are telephone numbers owned by Lowell, and connect to authorised Lowell teams.

Why did someone call me from Lowell?

If you’re not expecting a call from Lowell, you might wonder why we’re getting in touch.

Lowell purchases debts from lots of different companies, but before your debt is sold, you will always be sent a ‘goodbye’ letter from the company that originally owned your debt, and then a ‘hello’ or ‘notice of assignment’ letter from Lowell. This letter will explain that your debt is now owned by Lowell, and explain the next steps.

If we haven’t heard from you, you might receive an outbound call from Lowell. We know that sometimes you might not have seen the letters we’ve sent, and that a phone call from Lowell might make you feel surprised or suspicious. If you didn’t know you had any outstanding debts, check out our guide on how to recognise if a debt is yours for more information on how this works.

If we don’t hear back from you then we will continue to try get in touch. This is so that we can discuss the next steps as well as help support you to find a way to work together. It’s important not to ignore your debt and our guide on what happens if I ignore a debt company talks about the potential consequences of doing so in more detail.

What do Lowell ask when they call?

You won’t receive an outbound call from us until the ‘notice of assignment’ or ‘NOA’ letter has been sent to you.

When you receive a call from Lowell, we’ll always do a security check. To do this, we use the information we have on file – that’s the same information we use to send the NOA letter to you. We won’t ask you for any personal information other than to confirm we’re speaking to the right person. We might ask you to confirm:

  • Your name
  • The reference number on your letter (if you have it)
  • Your address
  • Your date of birth

If at any point you don’t feel comfortable disclosing information after being called, you can hang up and call Lowell back on 0333 556 5552 to confirm that it’s definitely us you’re speaking to.

After our security checks, the agent on the phone will explain who Lowell are, provide more information about your account, and let you know how we can work together to help you become debt-free with Lowell.

Our team will talk to you about your personal situation. Our goal is to find the right outcome for you, so that we can help you to start becoming debt-free with Lowell. That might mean talking about your personal situation or helping you to use our budget calculator. If you’re really not in a position to be able to pay, don’t worry - we can refer you to one of our free debt advice charity partners like StepChange and help you to get set up.

If you’re struggling with your finances, we understand that it can be difficult to talk about it, but our team are trained to be considerate of your circumstances and find the best solution for you. To find out how we can work together, call Lowell for free Mon-Sat on 0333 556 5552.

What numbers might Lowell call me on?

We know you might wonder ‘who called me from this number’ if you’ve received a call from a number you don’t recognise. Here at Lowell, there are a few different numbers that we might try to reach out on.

You might receive a call from someone in our team on any of these numbers:

  • 0333 556 5552
  • 0333 556 5566
  • 0333 556 5847
  • 0333 556 5567
  • 0333 556 5565
  • 0333 556 5564
  • 0333 556 5842
  • 0333 556 5843
  • 0333 556 5838
  • 0333 556 5563
  • 0333 556 5562
  • 0333 556 5835
  • 0333 556 5561
  • 0333 556 5560
  • 0333 556 5844
  • 0333 556 5845
  • 0333 556 5768

These numbers all belong to Lowell and one of our agents is probably getting in touch to speak to you about your account with Lowell. We use these numbers across all of our different teams.

Worried about speaking to Lowell?

We know that taking the first step to talk about your debt can be daunting. But if you’re worried about speaking to Lowell, it might help to know that Lowell agents are thoroughly trained in how to help you, and we pride ourselves on offering genuine support to Lowell customers.

Finding the right solution for you

Our team is there to support you. They don’t make commissions on payments or get any incentives to make you pay during a call. Our team’s performance is based around them finding the right support and path for each individual Lowell customer – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Trained to help you

All of our call staff are trained to be considerate, patient, and kind, and they have regular refresher top-ups on training. They’ll always take the time to listen to you and understand your situation.

Lowell agents can help you to figure out if you can safely and comfortably make a payment or set up a payment plan with your current budget. If that’s not possible, then they’ll help you to explore the different options that would be right for you, from giving you some breathing space to helping you find an organisation to manage your debt for you.

There's no pressure - we're here to help

You won’t be pressured to make a payment if that’s not the right course of action for you. Even if you can’t pay anything right now, we can offer help and support. Our contact team speak to lots of customers every day, so they have plenty of insight and might be able to help you relieve some stress.

And remember, you don’t have to speak to a Lowell agent if you don’t want to – you can manage your account online easily through our easy-to-use payment portal.

We appreciate that it can be surprising if you’re not expecting a call from Lowell. But rest assured that our agents are trained to be understanding and will do all they can to help make the situation clear.

If you’re worried about how Lowell will work with you, check out our Next Steps guide, which explains exactly how we handle an account based on your individual circumstances. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or some of the helpful guides in our Debt Guidance Hub.

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